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HD 101

HD Heroes

Kelly Sharpe

My Mom, Kelly Sharpe, was diagnosed with HD at 49 years old. She battled mental illness long before her diagnosis of HD. My Mom was 63 years old when she passed from HD. On May 14, 2024, at 6:03a.m., she took her final breath. She was a prayer warrior that loved Jesus and all Gods people. She struggled many years with the disease, but never developed chorea as most victims of HD usually do. Her symptoms remained to be more of the psych than anything else. It was difficult to grow up with a Mom that changed personalities quickly and had unpredictable mood swings. But in her final year battling HD, she seemed to change for the better. She became more gentle and sweeter and easier to handle. She became more like the Mom I once knew as a child before mental illness and HD set in. I am thankful to God for allowing me to witness her story and fight with HD, so I could be better prepared for how to help support my sister, who tested positive last year, moving forward. HD is an awful disease, but God is in the business of bringing good from even the most difficult situations. I believe my Mom is apart of a much greater story unfolding. I might have tested negative for HD, but I tested positive to being a sinner the moment I was born. This means I am not incapable of falling victim to the many negative effects caused by sin. Moving forward, the best way I can acknowledge my Mom as an HD hero is by acknowledging her unwavering faith and her commitment to prayer. Her fervent prayers were heard more than her temper tantrums. Through her prayers, God saved my Dad and gave him a new life in Christ. Her suffering was not in vain. No ones suffering is in vain. God uses suffering to save. He did this with his Son Jesus 2000 years ago on the cross and he does this still with all his people that believe and follow him today. She has fought the good fight of the faith and is now in paradise with her Lord and Savior. What looks like it was the end…was really only the beginning. I can’t wait to see how God uses her story and ours to help others going through this complex disease and many more of life’s challenges. 
Never give up HOPE.
Which is a Heart Obediently Pursuing Eternity.
With Love,
- Kristen Jobe (2nd of her 4 daughters)