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Genetic Testing

At-Risk Decision Path & Anonymous Genetic Testing Path

Pathway Program: Counseling & Genetic Testing

This two-part highly confidential program is offered to individuals who are at-risk for HD. This path is carefully designed to help navigate the emotional complexity of making informed decisions. Prior to beginning the program, please review the Decision Check List. We will discuss this checklist and some practical issues, such as insurance, before we start. Below is a roadmap of what the process looks like.

Part 1: At-Risk Decision Path                                                

People at-risk for HD will work with a licensed clinician who will help develop skills and coping mechanisms to prepare for making decisions such as genetic testing. A final evaluation by a psychiatrist will also be offered. Many of these sessions are available via teletherapy where the client can log into a virtual meeting room to talk with their counselor. All information will be kept confidential unless you tell HD Reach otherwise.

The fee for this path is $750. Call 919.803.8128 to get started.

Part 2: Anonymous Genetic Testing Path

To obtain genetic testing for HD, the Decision Path is a prerequisite. Once approved by HD Reach staff, anonymous testing is offered. This path includes the genetic swab test using a pseudonym, that is delivered to your home. In addition, the client and their support system will receive their testing results by the HD Reach staff member familiar to them. Regardless of the testing outcome, a personalized post-testing plan will be provided.

The fee for this path is $450. Call 919.803.8128 to get started.

If you are interested in signing up for this path, please call us. 

All fees can be paid with cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard. HD Reach is answerable only to you and does not accept insurance. However, we can provide you with documentation for you to file with your insurance. 

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