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Safety Concerns

Planning for Natural Disasters

It’s hard to predict how long you may need to stay away from home when a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes. Here’s a list of items you and those who depend on you may need. 

 What to bring if you need to leave: 

✓ Cell phone and power cord. 

✓ Personal Information: Identification card, birth certificates, passports, visas, permanent resident papers, and work permits. 

✓ Money: bank account information, checkbook, ATM card, credit card, debit card, and cash. 

✓ Keys: house, car, and place of work. 

✓ Car: driver’s license and car registration documents. 

✓ Medical: prescribed medications, medical devices, and other medicines you regularly take. 

✓ Home information: copies of mortgage paperwork or lease and rental agreements. 

✓ Contacts: address book or cell phone with contacts. 

✓ Valuables: Family photos, jewelry, small items of sentimental value. 

✓ Clothing and toiletries. 

✓ Distractions: books, small toys, and comfort items. 

✓ HD related items: - List of medications 

  • Treatment team contact information 
  • Psychiatrist contact information 
  • Copies of medical records (e.g. psychiatric reports, Community Treatment Orders) 
  • Information about aggressive behaviors 
  • Copy of Durable Power of Attorney 

This Safety Plan helps put the information you need in one place. If you need help filling it out, you can work with a member of your HD Treatment team or a HD Reach staff member.