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HD 101

Family Planning & Options

Should we have children?

There are many decisions to make when starting a family. Below we will outline options that have a specific goal to have children free of the HD gene. These options can be time consuming and come with financial, mental, and physical challenges. There is also the option to just have children naturally. HD should never take away your right to have a family.

There are options available to reduce or eliminate the risk of having a child with the abnormal gene. Options include:  


Egg/sperm/embryo donation 

Prenatal testing – this option is usually only done when the couple is certain they will terminate the pregnancy if the genetic test is positive 

Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) – this procedure involves fertilizing the egg and the sperm in a laboratory and then testing the embryos to see if they carry the abnormal gene. Only the embryos with the normal gene are implanted. This allows couples to prevent their children from inheriting HD.

All of these options can be discussed with a genetic counselor. 

The HelpCureHD Foundation 

In 2018, HelpCureHD began working on a PGT-IVF grant program. It is our mission that, with financial assistance, we can close the economic gap that stands between some couples and the fertility assistance required to conceive a child that is HD-Free. To date, they have helped over 100 families have children free of HD. For more information on their grant and how to apply, click here.

For more on Fertility & HD, check out this presentation from our HD Education Conference for Families, by Alease Daniel- an embryologist from North Carolina.