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HD 101

HD Heroes

Sterling Moore

Sterlings grandma, Aunt, 2 uncles and his father all had HD. Sterling tested positive in 2008. He did all the studies and clinical trials he could do and encouraged others to do them as well to help find a cure. 
He was a fun loving, caring and very smart, athletic man. He had a son who fortunately tested negative that was his only biological son so the disease ends there with his family. 

Sterling was struggling with his cognitive abilities and depression and ended up taking his own life, I think it’s important to talk about this as well because I knew he was hurting but not that bad. We need to know the signs. 

He had two grandsons who he LOVED very much and they miss him like crazy.. along with his boys that he raised . He was always the life of the party and always willing to help anyone even a stranger with anything, he was the most giving man I knew and never wanted credit for any of it. 

He LOVED his job as a electrical Lineman/foreman for JEA and worked there for 25 yrs. We were together for 27 yrs and had a beautiful life. I miss him dearly.