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Jesse Lis

Jesse Lis is the strongest woman I know. Despite her diagnosis and personal hardships, she continues to display resilience, kindness, and courage everyday. When I look back on what my mom and I have been through I cannot help but marvel at the people we have become. Our experiences have changed the trajectory of our lives. I used to think that was a bad thing. I used to believe that Huntingtons Disease would be the worst thing I would ever go through. Because of my mom, my mindset has changed. Your boundless optimism, unwavering support, and genuine motivation have been the pillars that
held me up during my toughest times. Your ability to make a such bad deal good is something I will carry with me forever. I know that with this mark you have imprinted on me, no matter what I go through, I will be ok. Thank you for encouraging me in my triumphs and for comforting me in my tears. You are my bestfriend and the very definition of a hero.