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HD 101

HD Heroes

Joe O'Donnell

Joe was my first born, he tested positive at the age of 24 with a CAG repeat of 51. Joe was an avid sports fan, loved his Steelers, Notre Dame and Kyle Busch. Joe was tested right after his sister and niece, so I found out all three of them had HD within a four-month period. he was around 30 when symptoms started. Joe wasn't as happy as his sister, he was very depressed and angry in the beginning, but as the disease progressed, he seemed to come to terms with it. Joe passed away in July 2023 at the age of 43, 3 months after his niece. So, HD has now taken my family away. I will miss watching NASCAR with him and rooting for his football teams. I am thankful he is at peace now; he had a very rough last 7 months. I know in my heart he is with Meghan and Alyson and that they are happy. I miss the fact he kept me on my toes and was a bit demanding at times. Miss you Joe , I will keep you in my heart forever