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HD 101

HD Heroes

Lisa Mannone

My mom was diagnosed around when I was 10 years old. I truly only knew her as an always changing and progressing sick mom. But being sick never ever stopped her from smiling and laughing. She knew how to crack a joke at even the dullest of times. She knew how to eat, especially her sweets. She fought for around 17 years with HD before passing at 51 in 2016, I was 21. She inspired me to always look at the bright side, always smile, be nice to everyone and laugh at everything. She is the reason I chose my career path and am so passionate about helping others in need. She taught me so many lessons without ever having to say a word. Of course she verbally taught me things as well, but those unspoken lessons mean the most. Now that she has passed, I look for her through different signs and find her presence in the most ofd and funny places…but that makes sense as she was a silly individual. That keeps me going! She lit up a room and I miss her so much but happy she is now free from HD.