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HD Heroes

Nathan Wilmoth

My husband Nathan was diagnosed on April 16, 2016 with Huntington's Disease. At first, we felt really alone. But after processing Nathan's diagnosis, we made the decision to live our lives as positively as we can. Nathan's disease has progressed, but Nathan is still Nathan. The fun loving, sweet give the shirt off his back, loves his family and friends with all he has. And a smile that has always been and continues to be so infectious you can't help but smile with him. HD has changed the life we thought we were going to have, but it's made us realize how precious life is and how much we truly do love each other. When Nathan was diagnosed, the first thing I said was "Your walk with HD, will not be your Mom's, My walk with HD will not be your Dad's," and it hasn't. Nathan has also participated in clinical trials and wants to continue to do so when allowed. We have two children at risk, we try to fight for them as well as the other families like ours.