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Volunteers are integral to the HD community.

HD Reach believes volunteer are vital to the success of our programs and improving the quality of life of HD families. We believe volunteers bring optimism and enthusiasm, foster hope, and promote diverse perspectives that bring about enhanced clinical and community based programs.

HD Reach is pleased to announce that it has been certified by Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, as a Service Enterprise! Achieving Service Enterprise certification is a very prestigious accomplishment for an organization. In fact, organizations that certify join the top 11 percent of nonprofits nationwide in volunteer management and organizational performance. Certification signifies that organizations have the capability and management expertise to strategically use volunteers to improve the performance of their organization.

HD Reach completed an extensive assessment, over 20 hours of training and coaching, and an extensive internal planning and change process to better integrate volunteers into our human capital strategy. By achieving this level of excellence and certification, HD Reach is now better equipped to leverage the time and talent of volunteers and better meet our mission.

  • Volunteers and staff work together hand in hand to help us accomplish our mission and expand reach into all areas of North Carolina.

  • Volunteers help us spread public awareness about HD.

  • Volunteers are onboarded, trained, and placed in a position that fulfills them both personally and professionally.

  • Volunteers are appreciated and are aware of the impact of their contribution to the HD community.

In some volunteer positions, we request a background check to be completed. A link to the background check will be sent to you after you complete the previous steps and is required before we can schedule your volunteer activity. If you would like to help cover the cost of the background check, we kindly request a $25 tax deductible donation, but this is certainly not required. 

If you would like to discuss how your skills could help HD Reach through volunteering your time, you may also reach Kelly at 919.327.1803 or

Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities that are currently available. If you find one of interest, complete the application form below. 

Listed below are currently available volunteer opportunities.

  • Raleigh Golf Tournament Volunteer
  • Event Coordination & Fundraising
  • Support Group Guest Speaker
  • Support Group Reminder Caller
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Social Work
  • Technical Writer
  • Webmaster
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