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Anonymous genetic testing and decision-making preparation made more accessible through generous donations.  

Having the time to work with a counselor who is an expert in Huntington’s Disease before taking the genetic test makes all the difference in coping with the results. HD Reach’s Decision Path is the first step in the anonymous genetic testing program that is designed to build decision making skills and develop resilience. A small fund was established to provide  $300 discounts towards the $750 Decision Path fee to increase accessibility. The anonymous genetic testing fee will remain $450.  

“Accessibility was a priority when we designed the program for people at-risk for HD. We’re using teletherapy for the first time to make the counseling sessions convenient and the fee is just enough to cover our expenses. We’re grateful to donors to create a few scholarships for the next few participants. It’s never easy, but hopefully this will make it easier,” said Debbi Fox-Davis, Executive Director.

The $300 discount will be applied to the next five people who participate in the Decision Path, the prerequisite for the Anonymous Genetic Testing Path. More details are on the website at: and everyone is encouraged to contact us.