HD Awareness Month, 2024

“What you leave as a legacy is not what is etched in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”


We are planting pinwheels for HD Awareness Month

You’ll want to get to any of our in person support groups and meet ups so you can participate. At all of our in person activities and clinic visits, we will have available a blue pinwheel and a card for you to pick up. We want to show the HD Community that we are ready to “Reach for Awareness”. Please take a picture with the pinwheel – just yourself, you and your family, you and anyone you want! Upload the picture via this link and we will create an amazing collage of everyone. Can’t get some place in person? Find any pinwheel (Dollar Tree is a good source), take a picture and send it to us! We want to stay connected – to each other, in our communities, throughout the HD Community. 

Another opportunity for you to spread awareness and support HD Reach at the same time is to coordinate your own local fundraiser. Many restaurants, pizza places, breweries will often allow a short-term, local fundraiser where they will give a percentage of revenue on a particular day, evening, weekend to a nonprofit. Do you know someone in your circle of friends and family who owns a business, or knows someone who does? We can provide you a letter to give to them. You pick the day during May, or a special weekend, and ask them to sponsor an HD Awareness Day during the month of May. If you can be there during the event all the better. Give us the contact info and we can coordinate receiving all the proceeds. Every contribution helps HD Reach continue to serve the HD community in North Carolina.

What do we know about HD?

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