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HD in the News

Looking for good news about long-term care options?

Me too. On an optimistic note, there’s increased awareness of the systemic deficiencies in the skilled nursing care industry and recognition of the importance of a well-trained, committed workforce.

Here’s what we’re seeing:        

  • Nursing homes are accommodating families’ expectations of receiving timely, accurate information

  • Moving towards smaller facilities and away from high-occupancy environments

  • Demand for home health innovations is surging and so is cost.

  • Skilled nurses – they are important and in short supply

  • High turnover rates are plaguing senior care facilities

  • Places with higher nurse to patient ratios have better infection control (i.e., fewer Covid cases)

  • Insurance industry is biased towards facilities over care in homes

  • Young adults are the fastest growing population in nursing homes, and they have more medically complex needs than aging residents

  • Adult day programs are vital for socialization and medical support as well as respite for caregivers; however, they are difficult to operate in a financially sustainable manner

Yes, the long-term care industry has problems, but inside the industry are many dedicated professionals who care passionately about their patients. If your loved one has a skilled caregiver who is unaware of effective strategies for caring for someone with HD, HD Reach social workers can train individuals and staffs.

Your local community may have some great options for part-time care. Options include adult day care centers and resources within faith communities.

Contact HD Reach for help finding the best care options or if you or someone you know needs HD specific training.