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Ode to Katherine: A Special Note from HD Reach Community Member

Everyone has days that start foggy and then become clear. One of HD Reach’s clients wrote these verses describing the clarity she gained through working with our social worker, Katherine Sherry. 


Ode to Katherine


You did that thing, Katherine  

That thing they try to teach 

But can never reach those who 

Cannot dream. 


This thing you do, Katherine , is 

Is the real butter on homemade bread 

To go with the chicken soul soup 

That cholla you knead 


With every desperate call you heed 

You heal with secret empathy, a 

Technologic hug of sympathy to  

Those who harbor genetic lesions  


Some florid already with the ghastly  

Petals of death, screaming terrors in the night, 

Hopelessly lost.  Other callers, simply bewildered  

Gardeners in this field of dead and dying compost. 


Like me, overgrown with worry and ignorance  

You delicately, tenderly prune me gently  

Into produce, grain to be milled into 

Your magic matzo, unleavened  


Yet sustaining until the yeast is finally 

Back in the stores.  Oh Katherine o, you  

Emailed me like Moses carried down  

Those damn heavy tablets. 


You gave me compost and soil 

And the ancient seeds of kindness  

That is the secret herb in our fields  

Of female healing. 


And now, in the same way 

I will pass it onto the wilted one 

In my garden, I will sun her as 

You brightened me 


With stars and fireflies and  

Motes of hope now streaming in 

Real time in real life in my kitchen windows 

You are the real deal, Katherine. 


Not some hologram shimmering in  

Bureaucratic bullshit.  You turn that crap 

Into sacred fertilizer that grows and feeds 

An entire new universe of hopes and dreams. 


Thank you,