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Message to the HD Community from Executive Director

Living and working remotely have become standard operations for now. We miss seeing you, but we hope everyone is staying safe and getting the care they need.  

We’re impressed with how well you, collectively, are doing. Our HD community has shown itself to be resilient and able to adjust to necessary changes. I know, you’ve had experience with change and plenty of opportunities to develop your skills.  


In the last five months you have shown your willingness to adapt by:  

146 attended virtual support groups that were hosted by the Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Wilmington group leaders. 

95 attended the Live Ask the Experts Virtual Panel that launched our Education Conference.  

369 views of 12 Education Conference videos.  

35 have attended or viewed the new Online Workshops and Videos designed to help navigate HD during a pandemic.  

84 people have asked for help with finding resources, solving challenges, getting connections and receiving social support.  

3,231 have visited the website (particularly the educational pages) in the last five months.

I want to congratulate you on handling this rather large bump in the road. Of course, HD itself is a bumpy road, so whenever you find yourself hitting a hard patch, or when you are in an easy spot and want advice on planning for what’s ahead – we’re here to help you figure it out. 

Community supporters make it possible for us to provide you with the experts that can give you the personal care and attention you need. We look forward to working with you. 

Take care,