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Strategies for Care Partners

Strategies for Remembering and Learning

Tips and Strategies for Remembering and Learning 

Remembering or learning how to do something that involves multiple steps becomes harder with HD.  

Some of these strategies will work better for some than others. See what works well now, then try different strategies as the symptoms change: 

  • Break down a new task into smaller pieces makes it easier to learn. 
  • Make choices from limited options instead of having a wide range. Caregivers can ask either/or questions. 
  • Lists and written reminders are big helpers. Make checklists, put reminders on stickies, write down activities on a white board. 
  • Use a calendar and reminders on a phone/tablet/computer. Care partners can send texts and instant messages with reminders too. 
  • Practice recently learned information. Repetition helps with understanding and retention 
  • Keep a daily routine. Set schedules are repeated over and over becoming easier to learn and remember. 
  • Practice patience. HD causes thinking to slow down and it takes longer to remember things.