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Thousands of people throughout North Carolina are facing the challenges of Huntington’s Disease. HD Reach realizes that every person affected by HD experiences their own journey filled with a unique set of paths.  These paths, different for each person, can be difficult to navigate.


In 2009, compassionate community leaders knowledgeable about HD noticed a lack of answers to vital questions. The unanswered questions created obstacles in the paths of those affected by HD and so HD Reach was created. Ten years later, our organization has continued to expand and evolve to tackle more issues, help more people, and provide more paths that lead to your best life.  

HD Reach’s unique ability to help navigate the challenges of HD is due to the community’s continual involvement with HD Reach’s team of specialists. These interactions provide the basis for new programs and resources which aim to bring the community together and break down barriers that cause isolation. We are excited to reveal two new resources developed to help the community: Pathway Membership and Paths.  

  • Pathway Membership
    Pathway Membership

    The Pathway Membership is free and available to everyone. You don’t need to do anything to become a Pathway Member. However, by filling out the Member Survey, HD Reach can develop a plan based on your experiences to help you live your best life. We are able to keep the Pathway Membership free due to the generous donations of the HD community. Donations cover the costs of keeping social workers available five days a week, making referrals, and providing accurate information on the nature of the disease and the most up-to-date treatment options.

  • Specialized Paths
    Specialized Paths

    Paths are tailored resources that create individualized experiences through tools that are not available in the Pathway Membership. People who need a path to guide them through calming irritability, finding long-term care, or even genetic testing can utilize these resources. Unlike the Pathway Membership, the Paths are fee-based as donations do not cover the costs. HD Reach wishes its services to be available to all and will waive or reduce a fee if a member establishes a financial challenge. Please call to find out how to qualify.