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Learn About Huntington's Disease

Sleep & HD

Sleep can be a challenge for all of us, but especially HD patients.  Below are some excellent links to information for improving those sleep habits.


  • Developed by European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN) Psychological Interventions Working Group

  • From HDBuzz: Part one of a two part series. Many Huntington’s disease patients have problems with sleep and in the control of daily or ‘circadian’ rhythms. These problems may actually be part of the range of symptoms in HD, and managing or treating them directly may be beneficial. In this special HDBuzz feature, sleep expert Prof Jenny Morton looks at the science behind sleep problems and solutions in Huntington’s disease.

  • From HDBuzz: In part two of a two part series on sleep problems in Huntington’s disease, we bring you Prof Morton’s ‘simple rules for a good night’s sleep’, distilled from her comprehensive review of sleep research in Huntington’s disease.

  • Investing in lifestyle choices that result in a good restful night’s sleep is one of the most important ingredients in giving ourselves what we need to heal and maintain health. This document provides some tools that can be helpful. Seven-eight hours of uninterrupted restful sleep is the goal.

  • Good sleep is influenced by many factors. You can use this checklist to record how many of these things you have done in the last week and consider making changes to your routine.

  • Audio file: 13 min progressive body scan; techniques for body relaxation.

  • Audio file: brief body scan; techniques for body relaxation.