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Our Mission  HD Reach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to healthcare, education, and social assistance for patients and families affected by Huntington’s disease.

About HD Reach

HD Reach Staff

Kelly Yaworski

Kelly Yaworski

A native North Carolinian, Kelly fell in love with nonprofits when she was only a teenager. Inspired by volunteering with the SPCA at a young age, Kelly quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her through college, leading her to pursue a B.S. in Statistics with a minor in Nonprofit Studies from North Carolina State University. Kelly came to HD Reach as an intern during her undergraduate program.  Kelly liked the work with the HD community so much that she joined HD Reach as the Operations Manager.  She provides support to the HD Reach team, leads the HD Reach Volunteer Program, manages HD Reach’s website and social media. She has a unique perspective on serving others and on utilizing data to support HD Reach’s clinical programs, donors, and volunteer services. Kelly now resides in Charlottesville, VA and is most passionate about dogs, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.