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Our Mission  HD Reach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to healthcare, education, and social assistance for patients and families affected by Huntington’s disease.

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Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman

Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman

Dr. Bonnie Hennig-Trestman has over 30 years of expertise providing and guiding clinical services to patients and family members suffering from neurodegenerative, physical, and psychiatric illnesses. She received her Bachelor of Arts and her Master of Social Work from Boston University and her Doctorate of Social Work from Capella University. She is an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in the Department of Basic Science Education and the Director of the Carilion Clinic Huntington’s Disease Program in Roanoke, Virginia. She has over two decades of experience working with people who are impacted by Huntington’s Disease. 

Dr. Hennig-Trestman is the president and owner of HTA Consulting, PLLC where she provides on-line tele-therapy to patients and their families in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Virginia. In 2018, Dr. Hennig-Trestman was awarded a seed grant from the Huntington’s Study Group to research attitudes and obstacles parents perceive when discussing Huntington’s Disease with their children. In 2003 Dr. Hennig-Trestman wrote a book called, “Talking to Kids About HD”. It has been translated into multiple languages and was revised in 2018. Dr. Hennig-Trestman has provided educational lectures to national and international audiences. Dr. Hennig-Trestman is a member of the Huntington Study Group (HSG) and the European HD Network (EHDN) and serves on the Board of Directors as the Research Co-Chair for Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO).  

Dr. Hennig-Trestman was born and raised in the Northeast but now lives in Roanoke, Virginia. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Trestman, have five adult children. Dr. Hennig-Trestman volunteers as a docent at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, Virginia. She enjoys cooking and traveling. She is also an elite level fencer and has represented the United States as a member of multiple World Veteran Fencing Championship teams.  To read Dr. Hennig-Trestman's full bio click here